Developed in Switzerland with love and manufactured in Italy with passion

the technology

ray sanitizes the air using three unique elements purposely designed to work perfectly together

light emitting diodes - LED UV-C

ray employs revolutionary and energy efficient light source for sterilization, combining the lifetime and reliability advantages of Light Emitting Diodes with the brightness of conventional light source

This new technology provides the design freedom and durability that allow ray to achieve its excellent performances for more than 23’000 hours


LED UV-C are RoHS compliant: do not contain any hazardous substances

Other products on the market employ Low Pressure Mercury Lamps contain Mercury, a potent neurotoxin that is hazardous in very tiny amounts. Mercury-containing tubes and bulbs cannot be discarded with regular refuse or recycling and MUST be handled according Hazardous Waste rules. Mercury-containing tubes or bulbs must always be handled to prevent breakage and release of mercury. It is illegal to crush mercury-containing tubes and bulbs

ray LED UV-C emitters do not pose any of the threats and obligations above

reactor chamber - Pat.Pend.

ray has inside an unique reactor chamber where the pathogens are exposes to UV-C light for their inactivation. This reactor chamber has been specifically designed with a combination of special materials and shape that enables an augmentation of the UV-C light flow generated by the emitters: the result is a powerful and intense UV-C irradiation for an effective and durable sanitization

selective flow grilles - Pat.Pend.

ray is not only effective but also safe and extremely quiet thanks for the specifically developed Selective Flow Grilles: present on both ends of ray ensure a quiet and smooth airflow while keeping the UV-C light inside

The Selective Flow Grilles thanks to the clever design, enable the use of super quiet and low power consumption fans along a less turbulent airflow: the quiet sanitized airflow stream travels further away for a better sanitization of the environment


ray uses exclusively UV-C light to sanitize the air meaning that there are no dirty filters that require replacement and disposal cuttingno additional service, no additional running costs, no waste

no waste – no additional running costs – no additional service

ray filterless

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